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1 Day In Penzance

So you've got 24 hours in Penzance! That's a great amount of time to visit - let's see what our expert guides would recommend.

What Should I Do With 24 Hours In Penzance?

If you have 24 hours to spend in Penzance, there are plenty of things to do:

  • Visit St. Michael's Mount: This stunning castle on a rocky island is a must-see. You can walk across the causeway at low tide or take a boat if the tide is high. Allow 2-3 hours for the visit.
  • Explore Penlee House Gallery and Museum: This museum is home to a superb collection of paintings and archaeology. You can easily spend 2-3 hours here.
  • Take a walk along the promenade: Penzance has a lovely promenade where you can enjoy the sea views. Take a stroll for an hour or so.
  • Visit Morrab Gardens: These beautiful gardens are a great place to relax and enjoy the flowers. Allow 1-2 hours for the visit.
  • Go to the Penzance Farmers Market: This market takes place every Friday and is a great place to buy local produce. Spend an hour or so browsing the stalls.

With these suggestions, you can spend a full day exploring Penzance and its surroundings.

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